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Tell your local MP why lung health matters 

Email your MP and ask them to stand up for clean air and better care for people with lung disease.

Help campaign for clean air with the British Lung Foundation

Just enter your name, address and email, and our simple tool will find your MP and generate an email for you to send to them. 

Someone dies from lung disease every five minutes.

We urgently need to improve quality of life for people with lung disease and prevent more from developing it in future. 

Now there’s a new parliament, it’s vital we let MPs know they must prioritise lung health.  

It'll only take 2 minutes for you to share your story. Your voice can make a difference!

Please fill in your contact details and scroll to the bottom of the page to create your email. 

Letters to politicians are far more powerful with a personal message

If you’d like to add one, you can type in your message below and we’ll add it to the email to your MP (skip and create my email).

If you live in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland, health is devolved. Your MP can work with their local Welsh Assembly Member, Member of Scottish Parliament or Northern Irish Member of the Legislative Assembly to prioritise lung health.

Top tip - talk about personal examples and local issues

This will help your MP understand why they should stand up for better lung health locally and in Westminster. 

For example, let your MP know if: 

  • you’ve been personally affected by a lung condition or care for someone who does.
  • you’re worried about air pollution in your local area.
  • you work in the NHS and have concerns about local respiratory or stop smoking services.